Showtime Hold’em poker

Showtime Hold’em is similar to the popular Texas Hold’em game around the world, but there is one important difference: all folded cards are left face down by hand.

As a result, more information is available to each player, creating new opportunities and deeper strategies. On top of that, who wasn’t surprised to see which card his opponent folded when he made a big bet on the river? With Showtime Hold’em, you’ll know it!

If you’ve played Texas Hold’em before or watched it on TV, it’s easy to get the rules of Showtime Hold’em.

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Showtime Hold'em rules

Traditional Texas Holdem sees players take two personal cards (known as “hole cards”) that belong to each of them, and then dealt five public cards, known as “boards,” to their face. All players on the deck use these community cards in combination with their hole card, allowing them to make poker hands with the best five cards each.

Unlike Showtime Hold’em, any player’s folded card is left face down and visible for the rest. This includes all cards folded before and after the flop.

Showtime Hold’em is played as an Unlimited game.

Learn how to play Showtime Hold'em for free

If you want to know how to play Showtime Hold’em, download the PokerStars app and join free poker games that can be played online against other players. Unlike our real money poker games, it is not risky, so it will be a pleasure to learn all the rules of the game rope and Showtime Hold’em. Hope to see you in the poker room and good luck at the table!

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