Poker Rules

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How do you win?

In most cases, the winner of each poker hand is the player with the highest position after showing all the cards at the end of the hand. The quarrel is necessary to fight.
Not sure if the flush is hitting the rectum? Don't remember to build a whole house? You can find all the information you need to know about the keyboard list in the table below (click here for details). The strongest hand runs from left to right in the top row, and the weakest hand is just a high card. Royal Flush

Royal Flush

Шулуун угаах

Дөрвөн төрлийн

Бүрэн байшин



Гурван төрлийн

Хоёр хос

Нэг хос

Өндөр карт


Poker games often include forced bets such as Hold'em, Big Blind in Omaha, and Small Blind. These forced bets include a starting pot in either hand of poker, which is the first incentive for players to win. The action resulting from the subsequent stages of the bet increases the size of the tank.

Dealing with cards and betting wheels

After the first cards are dealt, players are encouraged to move around the table clockwise and take turns.

Each player can take turns doing one of the following:

Check – Checking means canceling the opportunity to open a bet. Players can check only when there are no bets at the current stage, and the check passes the action clockwise to the next heavy hand in hand. If all active players are checked, those players remain in their hands and the round is considered over.
Betting – Players can place a bet at this stage unless other players have placed a bet. After placing a bet, the other players must “dial” according to the size of the bet to remain in their hands.
Fold – Players who withdraw their cards cannot win or play again in the current hand.
Make a call – Players can call if other players are betting at the current stage; this requires the player making the call to match the highest bet.
Raise – Players may raise if other players bet in this round; This requires the player to match the highest bet and then do more. All subsequent players must raise their salary or call for a re-increase (‘re-increase’) in order to stay in control.

Different versions of poker have different bets. Texas Hold’em and Omaha are two of the most popular poker games in the world and have a similar betting structure, with four bets called pre-flop, flop, turn and main.

All players who have previously dealt with any public card in a short period of time, as in the previous uncharged betting round, begin as having received their hole card; betting on the flop occurs after the first three public cards have been dealt; on the turn after the fourth public card; on the river after the fifth and final public card.

In each betting round, the bet continues until each player has made or matched a tie (if no bet has been made, the round ends if each player checks). Once the betting round is over, the next deal / betting phase begins, or the hand ends.

Here’s an example of a Texas Hold’em keyboard after all the cards have been dealt. As you can see, players can use one of the two public cards to make the best five cards they can make, in which case you can use your own hole card and three of the shared community. straightening cards.


Your opponents’ hole cards
Community card
Your hole cards


In the final stage of the bet, the deal is made after the last bet or supplement is announced; The remaining active players must show or ‘declare’ their hand, and the player with the best ranked hand (player) wins.

Players show their hands in order rather than all at once. Many players can split a pot, and the pot can be split differently depending on the rules of the game and how each player’s hand is ranked against their opponent.

Betting limits

The betting limit is the amount that players can open and raise. Most poker games come in the following types; limit, cook limit or set limit.

Unlimited – In poker games with an unlimited structure, each player can bet or increase any amount, including the desired stack (the total number of chips held at any time). their turn to act.
Game Limit – In a poker game with a bet limit structure, each player can bet or increase any amount, including the total amount of the pot at the time.
Fixed Limits – In a poker game with a fixed limit bet structure, each player has the option to call, bet, and raise only a certain amount. The fixed amount of any betting round is determined in advance.

For Infinite, Pot Limit games, the ‘Stakes’ column in the PokerStars lobby indicates the Small Blind and Big Blind in the game, and for mixed games, the Stakes in the lobby are the Limit games betting amount; In Pot Limit and No Limit rounds, the curtains are usually half the blinds of limited games.

Table stakes and everything

You’ve probably seen a picture of poker in a movie or on TV where a player is betting to buy more chips than he or she is at the table, and in order to stay, he or she has to gamble on a watch, a car, or anything else. hand. This may lead to good drama, but it’s not the way poker is played in real life in general!

All games on our site are played with “table stakes”, so only play chips can be used at the beginning of each hand. The table stake rule contains a program called the ‘All-In’ rule, which states that a player cannot be released from the poker hand because he does not have enough chips to make a bet.

A player who does not have enough chips to call a bet is declared a Republican. The player is entitled to the last bet of the pot. All further action involving other players takes place in the “side pot”, which means that the All-In player is not eligible to win. If more than one player enters the All-In on hand, there can be more than one side pan.

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