PokerStars Swap Hold’em

Swap Hold’em is a great twist on Texas Hold’em, the world’s favorite poker game. The action is their turn, at any time in the hand, any player can get one of their hole cards or both to get a new one, free of charge, once with one hand.

Available only at Poker Stars Poker, Swap Hold’em is easy to get and play for anyone who has played Texas Hold’em before, even just watching it on TV.

Swap Hold'em rules

Swap Hold’em is played in the same way as the Texas Hold’em rules, but there is one big difference: the player is allowed to swap one or both of their hole cards before choosing to fold. Players can exchange hands once, on any part of the hand (before and after the flop).

By looking at the swap icon on each player’s avatar, you will be able to see which players have changed their cards and, if so, how many have been changed.

There is no obligation to change the card if you do not want to, but you will be able to see the replaced card by placing it on your swap icon.

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