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Learn to play free poker at PokerStars School!

PokerStars School provides basic knowledge and fun is an online learning site that allows you to start playing. It has everything you need to improve your game and perfect your skills to the rhythm that suits you. Best of all, it’s completely free to use ! Join PokerStars School now and enjoy the following:
  • Access to interactive learning tools and strategy articles
  • Post with expert courses, quizzes, and the best poker coaches
  • Opportunity to get real rewards (if available in your region)
We will explore in detail what this site can offer you.

Interactive tools, articles and more

This site includes a number of interactive tools to help you test your skills, including easy-to-use courses that cover all the basics of Texas Hold’em and more. Regardless of your skill and experience level, we will provide what you need to improve. Read a huge archive of strategy articles, including Team PokerStars Pro tips. It covers everything from cash games to tournaments and hold’em, so you’ll definitely find articles to help you develop your game. If you’re ready to learn the basics of poker and get on the road to winning PokerStars School right now join! If you have any questions about PokerStars School Support