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Presidential candidates’ HOMs are registered electronically

Candidates for the Presidential election of Mongolia shall be obliged to submit declarations of assets and income to the Anti-Corruption Agency. Accordingly, the Anti-Corruption Agency has created the right of candidates to declare their assets and income in the electronic system https://meduuleg.iaac.mn/ and is preparing to register and receive such declarations on the 3rd and 4th of next month. Candidates’ online […]

S.Byambatsogt: We will work for an independent and fair judiciary, and we will support it

In connection with the implementation of the revised version of the Law on Courts of Mongolia on March 1, the Parliament will openly nominate and select non-judicial members of the General Council and the Judicial Disciplinary Committee through an appointment hearing. The draft resolution of the Standing Committee on the establishment of the Working Group to organize the tender was […]

Discussions have begun on whether the provisions of the Law on Presidential Elections violate the Constitution

The middle sitting of the Constitutional Court of Mongolia has started. T.Dorjkhand, O.Munkhsaikhan, D.Uurtsaikh and N.Enkhbold, the authorized representatives of the State Great Hural are participating in the meeting. The Tsets session began with the presentation of a report by D.Solongo, a member of the Constitutional Tsets who had previously examined the dispute. Prominent citizens appealed to the Constitutional Court […]