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Stripping and embankment works are underway on the Darkhan road

The construction of the Ulaanbaatar-Darkhan road is in full swing. The pavement of “Batch-1” for the expansion and renovation of the two-lane road in Darkhan, which is being implemented with a loan from the Asian Development Bank, will be completed in 2020. This year, repairs and defects will be carried out. As for “Package-3”, 92 people and 66 pieces of […]

The National Labor Party has nominated D. Enkhbat to run for president

The presidential election will be held on June 9. The parties will present their candidates next Monday and the General Election Commission will register the candidates. T.Dorjkhand is a member of the Parliament representing the National Labor Party. The party has the right to nominate its members for the Presidential election. Therefore, D.Enkhbat was offered to run on behalf of […]

The presidential nomination process ends tomorrow

The selection process for the presidential election began on April 30. This process will last for three days as required by law. After the nomination process is completed, the party or coalition will submit the candidate’s documents to the General Election Commission within three days, and the General Election Commission will decide whether to register the candidates within three days, […]

Candidates for the presidency from both parties, the DP

The nomination process for the Presidential election of Mongolia started today. The four parliamentary parties and coalitions will start nominating their candidates today. The MPP has announced its intention to join the MPRP. As for the ruling party, it has announced that it will hold a party conference on May 2 and announce its candidate. S.Ganbaatar, who represented the MPRP […]

Mongolians are good at going back in history

There are countless words of wisdom that can be quoted directly from various posts on Facebook. The teachings are flowing. If Mongolians understand, there will be a lot of useful words. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Let the author read what I have written here. You don’t have to explain everything. […]

Kh.Temuujin: I am withdrawing my name from the illegal extension

Kh.Temuujin, a former member of Parliament and former Minister of Justice, withdrew his candidacy for the presidency of the Democratic Party. He said, “I am withdrawing my name from DP member Kh. Temuujin due to the illegal extension. People who can’t follow the rules inside can’t lead the country abroad by law. It makes the DP worthless and unprincipled. A […]

MNT 1 million for health workers and MNT 500,000 for resident doctors working at the outbreak site

At today’s Cabinet meeting, it was decided to provide one million MNT for each doctor, nurse and staff working at the epicenter, and 500,000 MNT for each resident doctor. The required 2 billion 780 million MNT will be allocated from the government reserve fund. Currently, there are 2,230 doctors, staff and 1,100 resident doctors at the outbreak site. Although the […]

The President has submitted a draft decree to provide 100 thousand MNT to children without delay

The President of Mongolia, Mr. Battulga Khaltmaa, has drafted and submitted to the Government of Mongolia a decree to continue the 100 thousand MNT allowance for each child without a deadline. Draft Presidential Decree on Guiding the Government: “Based on Article 33, Paragraph 1, Clause 3 of the Constitution of Mongolia, Article 34, Paragraph 1, and Article 9, Paragraphs 1 […]

Ts.Anandbazar’s name is to be considered by the Standing Committee on Ethics

The Speaker of the Parliament G.Zandanshatar instructed the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Ethics and Discipline B.Bat-Erdene to discuss the issue related to the name of MP Ts.Anandbazar in the Standing Committee. The Speaker of the State Great Hural believes that the issue should be investigated by law enforcement agencies and reported to the public.  Source: parliament.mn

Government: 8784 borrowers have been provided with loans at 3% interest rate

The Minister of Finance B.Javkhlan introduced the implementation of the “Comprehensive 10 trillion plan to protect health and revive the economy” at today’s Cabinet meeting . A total of 56 measures will be implemented under the program, of which 25 measures will be implemented this year, three measures in 2021-2022, 17 measures in 2021-2024, and 11 measures depending on the stage and situation of the infection . E in 26 […]