Poker movies to entertain players while COVID 19 is locked

The U.S. casino industry has closed, all land-based live poker tournaments have been canceled, and COVID-19 does not specify when the live poker scene will return to normal. The global live poker market is seeing a similar situation, but poker players in most countries are able to play online poker. US poker players do not have this option, so only four states currently allow online poker. However, to entertain yourself, you can switch to interesting content about poker and watch poker and gambling related movies that appear on broadcast platforms such as Amazon Prime and Netflix. US poker players can entertain themselves with these top 3 poker movies Here are three movies about poker and gambling, overcoming the inevitable boredom you feel right now because you’re stuck at home.

# Rounders (1998)

When it comes to poker movies, cyclists probably come up with a long list of movies that we’ve seen before. The 1988 American drama, directed by John Daly, depicts the world of high-stakes poker, with two friends (Matt Damon and Edward Norton) traveling around the city to play expensive poker. pay off large debts. When the Rounders first came out, it wasn’t a big hit. However, during the heyday of poker in the early 2000s, the film became popular and quickly became a cult. Rounding is currently available on Netflix.

# 7 Days To Vegas (2019)

Directed by Eric Balfour and co-authored by World Poker Tour Reviewer Vincent Van Patten, Week 7 takes us on a fun and exciting journey into the world of ultra-pole gambling. Get ready to explode with laughter as someone puts on a suit and bets on seven crazy statues that you can walk from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in just seven days. His journey is made even more colorful by funny characters and camos of famous actors. A week to Vegas is on Amazon Prime.

#Mississippi Grind (2015)

A 2015 American drama film directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck. The film tells the story of a gambler (Ben Mendelssohn) who partneres with a charming young poker player (Ryan Reynolds) on an adventure trip to New Orleans, plays a game, has a bar full of people, and just lives in the moment but works hard. rotate everything. On their way to the legendary high-stakes poker game in the city, they not only raised money in the bank, but also established an incredibly strong bond with each other. Mississippi Grinding is available on Netflix.