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MNT 1 million for health workers and MNT 500,000 for resident doctors working at the outbreak site

At today’s Cabinet meeting, it was decided to provide one million MNT for each doctor, nurse and staff working at the epicenter, and 500,000 MNT for each resident doctor. The required 2 billion 780 million MNT will be allocated from the government reserve fund. Currently, there are 2,230 doctors, staff and 1,100 resident doctors at the outbreak site. Although the […]

The President has submitted a draft decree to provide 100 thousand MNT to children without delay

The President of Mongolia, Mr. Battulga Khaltmaa, has drafted and submitted to the Government of Mongolia a decree to continue the 100 thousand MNT allowance for each child without a deadline. Draft Presidential Decree on Guiding the Government: “Based on Article 33, Paragraph 1, Clause 3 of the Constitution of Mongolia, Article 34, Paragraph 1, and Article 9, Paragraphs 1 […]

Construction of the Tavan Tolgoi coal concentrator will begin in the third quarter of this year

The Government Resolution on “Measures to be taken to intensify Tavan Tolgoi mining operations” was approved. The resolution instructed the relevant ministers to start the construction of the Tavan Tolgoi industrial and technology park and the coal concentrator within the third quarter of this year in accordance with the feasibility study. It is important to put this plant into operation […]

The payment card system has been completely upgraded

On April 25, 2021, the Bank of Mongolia completed the complete overhaul of the Payment Card System and successfully introduced the new system within the framework of the “Payment System Reform Project” funded by the Asian Development Bank. It is the UK’s TranzWare system, a comprehensive system that meets international standards for supporting new types of transactions, ensuring system security […]

Limited or unrestricted presidential powers

Yesterday, the Parliament discussed the President’s veto on the Parliament’s resolution to release a member of the Constitutional Tsets. The ban was rejected by a majority vote. As a result, Sh. Tsogtoo was relieved of the Tsets and replaced by J. Erdenebulgan.  Yesterday’s session to discuss the President’s veto was quite tense. Members of the DP faction and independent N.Altankhuyag have stated that […]

“The head of the General Police, D. Murun, said in 2000, ‘This case will be revealed the day after the election,’ and the then MPP won 74 seats.”

Members addressed the plenary session of the State Great Hural. MP N.Altankhuyag tweeted that “Minister of Justice Kh.Nyambaatar has declassified the case of S.Zorig’s murder. It is important to keep it a secret. This case has been politicized for many years. I think this case will be resolved by declassifying it. T.Chimgee and B.Sodnomdarjaa should be released according to the […]

L.Enkh-Amgalan: Students will have a day off from Monday without TV and e-lessons

MP Yo.Baatarbileg clarified why the Minister of Education and Science issued an order for students to take classes during the holidays, and whether it is possible for students and teachers to take vacations during the second term. MP, Minister of Education and Science L.Enkh Peace rest of the holiday season. “Next week vacation begins. Command is practicing relaxation resting because […]

Ts.Tuvaan: I want to believe that there is a blue sky above the Tsets, but there are invisible hands

MP Ts. Tuvaan expressed his position during the plenary session of the State Great Hural on the appointment and dismissal of members of the Constitutional Tsets. He said, “I want to believe that there is a blue sky above the Tsets, but there are invisible hands. Everything is going according to the established scenario. The recent problems at the Tsets […]

The business environment will worsen in 2021

Mongolia’s four key business confidence indicators fell last year compared to 2019. For example, the survey found that businesses in the construction, agriculture, and service sectors had lower confidence in the business environment than the national average. The Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI) yesterday presented the results of the “Business Confidence Index 2020” survey, which aims to […]