6 Card Omaha Poker

6 Card Omaha Poker is an exciting game from Omaha . Each player is dealt six personal cards (‘hole cards’) that belong only to that player. Five public cards are shown face to face on the “board”. In the 6-card Omaha game, all players use the best five-card poker hand using exactly three of the public cards and exactly two-hole cards. Not more, not less. To view Omaha poker hand rankings, follow this link .

6 types of Omaha poker cards

  • Pot Pot Limit 6 Card Omaha Poker – The player can bet what is in the pot (i.e. $ 100 can be placed in the $ 100 pot). This is the most common form of 6-card omaha poker.

How to play 6 cards in Omaha poker

In Pot Limit 6 Card Omaha, games are named for their curtain size (for example, $ 1 / $ 2 Pot Limit 6 Card Omaha is $ 1 for a small blind and $ 2 for a large blind). If you want to play tournament poker , PokerStars offers 6 Card Omaha tournaments. Each player receives six hole cards, the bet is played clockwise around the table, and the player starts “under the gun” (clockwise directly from the big blind).

Preliminary flop

After seeing his hole, each player was able to play his hand by calling or raising a large blind. The action starts on the left side of the big blinds and is considered a ‘direct’ bet in this circle. This player can be folded, loaded or raised. For example, if a large blind was $ 2, it would cost $ 2 to make a call, or at least $ 4 to raise. The activity then moves clockwise around the table.

The bet continues on each bet until all active players (not folded) have placed an equal bet on the pot.


After the first round, the “flop” is placed face down on the board. The flop is the first three public cards available to all active players. Play starts directly clockwise from the active player button. Another round of betting begins.


When the betting is completed on the flop stage, the “turn” is displayed face to face on the board. Turn is the fourth public card in the 6-card Omaha game. Play starts directly clockwise from the active player button. Another round of betting begins.


When the bet is completed, the “key” is displayed face to face on the board. This is the fifth and last public card of the 6-card Omaha poker. The bet is started clockwise directly from the active player button. The final stage of the betting begins.


If more than one player is left at the end of the final bet, the person who made the last bet or raised will show the card if no bet is made in the last round. . The player with the best five cards wins the pot. Remember that in Omaha’s 6 cards, players must use two of their six holes, and only two with exactly three cards on the board. In the case of the same hand, the pot is divided equally between the players with the best hands.

After the pot is handed out, the new 6-card Omaha poker game is ready. The button now moves clockwise to the next player.

The minimum bet on the Pot Limit 6 card in Omaha is the same as the size of the big blind, but players can bet on the size of the pot.

Minimum increase: The amount of the salary must be at least the same as the previous bet or added at the same stage. For example, if the first player bets $ 5, the second player must raise at least $ 5 ($ 10 in total).

Maximum increase: The size of the pot, which is determined by the total amount of the active pot, plus all the bets on the table, plus the amount that must be called before the activator can play.

Example: If the size of the pot is $ 100, the player can bet a maximum of $ 100 if no action has been taken at a particular betting stage. After this bet, the action moves clockwise to the next player. This player can fold $ 100, call, or increase the maximum amount between the minimum (over $ 100). In this case, the maximum bet amount will be $ 400. The lifter first calls for $ 100, raises the tank size to $ 300, then raises an additional $ 300 to bet a total of $ 400.

Pot Limit 6 Card The number of increments allowed in Omaha is not labeled “cap.”

It is not possible to place minimum or maximum bets on PokerStars software. The betting slider and the betting window only allow you to place bets within the allowed threshold.

Learn how to play Omaha 6 cards for free

If you want to learn how to play Omaha, download PokerStars to play online against other players Join one of the free poker games available. Unlike our real money poker games, it is not risky, so you will enjoy learning the game rope and 6-card Omaha rules. Offers 6 card omaha and many other poker options. See our poker game page for more details. If you have a question about Omaha 6 cards Email support .