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Will the split DP join the presidential election?

Will the split DP join the presidential election?

According to the Law on Presidential Elections of Mongolia, parties have nominated their candidates. Officially, the MPP nominated U. Khurelsukh, the party’s chairman and former prime minister, and the People’s Party nominated D. Enkhbat, while the Democratic Party (DP) nominated S. Erdene and N. Altankhuyag. The DP, which has two leaders, has announced its candidates for the presidency, but it is unclear who will be the official candidate.

Because M.Tulgat from S.Erdene’s side and O.Tsogtgerel from Ts.Tuvaan’s side were selected. Although both parties submitted their leaders’ materials to the court, the Supreme Court rejected the request, considering them to be a dispute over the party’s internal organization and activities governed by Article 13.9 of the Law on Political Parties.

According to the Law on Presidential Elections, political parties represented in Parliament must nominate only one candidate to the General Election Commission (GEC) by May 3-5. Therefore, since the GEC will register one of the two DP candidates, the issue should be resolved by resolving disputes and conflicts internally.

If two DP candidates are nominated, the GEC is likely to refuse to register. If the GEC does not register a candidate, the DP will miss the presidential election.

Ch.Unurbayar, the General Secretary of the Democratic Party headed by M.Tulgat, handed over the materials of the party’s presidential candidate S.Erdene to the National Audit Office yesterday / May 3, 2021 /.


The DP may not be able to run for the presidency due to internal disputesTo this question, DP General Secretary Ch. Unurbayar said, “The issue of the party chairman is an internal issue of the DP. Disputes are resolved by the charter committee. There is a legal rule that courts do not participate in this. According to the Constitution, only parties with seats in the Parliament have the right to nominate candidates for the Presidential election. There are no grounds for the GEC not to register. If not, a complaint will be filed in accordance with applicable regulations. This is because the GEC’s decision must be in accordance with the law. The DP won a seat in the 2020 parliamentary elections. Registered in the state registry and submitted documents in accordance with the law. DP headed by M.Tulgat. There is a dispute only over the party chairman, not the DP. Until the new party leader is registered with the Supreme Court, the old leader will be legally valid. ”

However, O. Tsogtgerel and I. Munkhjargal, the chairman of the DP’s internal election committee, tried to get clarification on the issue, but could not be reached.

In any case, the DP faction in Parliament said yesterday that the DP was in talks to nominate a candidate.

They believe that N.Altankhuyag has the right to run for President because the 13 members of the Democratic Party in the Parliament support the DP led by O.Tsogtgerel. In general, many people doubt that the DP will lose if it fails to run in the presidential election. The GEC will decide whether to register the candidate by the 8th of this month.

The Supreme Court will resolve the dispute related to the chairman of the Democratic Party today / May 4, 2021 /. If the Supreme Court registers M. Tulgat as the DP chairman, S. Erdene will have a chance to run in the 2021 presidential election.