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Government Hundred Days and L.Oyun-Erdene’s goal

Government Hundred Days and L.Oyun-Erdene’s goal

When appointed as the 32nd Prime Minister of Mongolia, L.Oyun-Erdene presented four goals. The time has come to evaluate his work in a hundred days. In short, it has been a hundred days since the executive power was transferred from U. Khurelsukh to L. Oyun-Erdene. His government will have 100 days next week. What did L.Oyun-Erdene’s government achieve and what did it lose in these 100 days? Of course, this is the first question to ask him.

Objective 1: A short-term plan to overcome the pandemic

Prime Minister L.Oyun-Erdene: The Government will do its utmost to ensure that the WHO-approved vaccines are phased in within the first 100 days for staff working at the outbreak site. Prompt vaccination will help to overcome the economic and social difficulties caused by the pandemic in a short period of time.

His government launched a nationwide immunization campaign on February 23, and to date, 1.3 million people have received the first and second doses. For example, 947 thousand Mongolians over the age of 18 received the first dose of the vaccine, and more than 451 thousand people received the second dose. Vaccination of rural people started today.

As of April 29, 2021, it has become the leader in Asia in terms of vaccinations, according to “Our World in Data”. But this is not a comforting indicator. Welcoming the summer without Covid-19 depends not only on the government, but also on the efforts and participation of citizens. The reason is that the Mongolian government is begging its citizens to be vaccinated against covid-19, while the world is once again facing a shortage of vaccines and thousands of deaths in a single day due to the pandemic.

OBJECTIVE 2: Economic recovery plan

L.Oyun-Erdene: Citizens’ income and employment issues cannot be fully resolved without economic growth. The Government will include in its action plan a comprehensive package of measures to support the companies, employers and small and medium-sized businesses most affected by the pandemic. If the refinery is commissioned, it will be possible to supply 70 percent and even 100 percent domestically. The construction of the Tavan Tolgoi-Gashuunsukhait and Tavan Tolgoi-Zuunbayan railways will be completed soon.

His government has announced 10 trillion projects and programs to implement comprehensive policies to protect health and support the economy. The main goal of the program is to support businesses in the economic crisis during the pandemic and to protect jobs. According to the Ministry of Finance, a total of MNT 5.5 trillion in loan applications were submitted by 48,442 individuals and businesses, and MNT 619 billion in loans were disbursed to 1,368 businesses and 7,662 individuals.

In terms of impact, there is a need to support taxpayers in order to reduce the budget deficit and pay salaries and benefits on time. In some sectors, there has been no income for a whole year. Therefore, the government distributed 300,000 MNT as an Oyu Tolgoi “endowment” to each of the 3.3 million citizens in order to transfuse blood into the economy and support the livelihood of its citizens.

Goal 3: A new national system to support the middle class

L.Oyun: Erdene: Middle- income people, who are the driving force of society, are as vulnerable as children today. Unless we move to a new national system to support middle-income people in a timely manner, the middle class is sinking deeper and deeper into poverty. The most important thing for our country to build a prosperous middle class society is housing.

The wealthy middle class is the burden on any country. In Mongolia, the middle class has shrunk and the gap between rich and poor has widened. 28.4 percent of the total population, or one in three, lives below average. Therefore, economists have welcomed the Prime Minister’s policy of supporting the middle class. As the middle class grows, the gap between rich and poor disappears and government control increases.

As promised by the Prime Minister to provide housing to support the wealthy middle class, the government commissioned Ts. Nyamdorj, the head of the Cabinet of Ministers, to build the “Youth 1,2,3” district for young people.

Goal 4: Justice and e-government

L.Oyun-Erdene: In the future, we will seek to implement a comprehensive legal reform in consultation with political parties to establish a classical parliamentary system in order to completely re-establish informal groups like the state and use the law enforcement agencies for political purposes. We will work harder to build an e-nation. The “E-Mongolia” window integrates all government services. Officials who do not have access to any government services will be held accountable for supporting corruption.

The government is focusing on launching an oil refinery and speeding up railway projects. Of course, this cannot be done in 100 days or three months.

In any case, as promised in the first 100 days, we have imported enough vaccines to immunize our citizens. Mongolia currently has 736,348 doses of vaccine in stock, while countries are looking for vaccines. There are few such countries in the world, with the exception of highly developed countries such as Israel.