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Stripping and embankment works are underway on the Darkhan road

Stripping and embankment works are underway on the Darkhan road

The construction of the Ulaanbaatar-Darkhan road is in full swing. The pavement of “Batch-1” for the expansion and renovation of the two-lane road in Darkhan, which is being implemented with a loan from the Asian Development Bank, will be completed in 2020. This year, repairs and defects will be carried out.

As for “Package-3”, 92 people and 66 pieces of equipment are working at the work site. Work is underway on a 6 percent cement-reinforced stone foundation, with a total completion rate of 69.83 percent.

The “Batch-5” work site employs 61 people, 35 pieces of machinery and equipment, and has completed 73.57 percent of the work since the start of the renovation of the 6 percent cement-reinforced stone foundation and the previous foundation.

The tender for the re-selection of the “Batch-2” and “Batch-4” road construction contractors will be tendered in May in accordance with ADB’s Procurement Procedures.

According to the Ministry of Road and Transportation, soil stripping, excavation and embankment work are underway on the Ulaanbaatar-Darkhan road.

The construction of a new two-lane road, funded by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, began on March 26.

“Arj Capital” LLC and “M-Oil Group” LLC are the contractors of “Batch-1”, “Esto” LLC is the subcontractor, and “Zhongmei Engineering” of China is the contractor of “Batch-2”. Group ”LLC, and the subcontractor is Double Expi LLC.

“Junmei Engineering Group” LLC as the contractor of “Package-3”, “Enkh Tugul Bekh” LLC as a subcontractor, “Shanghai Construction Group” as a contractor of “Package-4”, “Tugs Zam” LLC as a subcontractor, “Package-5” The contractor is China Gejuba Group.

The Minister got acquainted with the construction work at the end of last month. The project consulting company will be responsible for providing weekly progress reports on the construction work, fully deploying the machinery and equipment specified in the contract, stripping the soil, speeding up the slow section of the dam, activating the bridge and pipeline works, and monitoring. to the management of the general contractor and subcontractors.

Covid-19 is also required to adhere to a pandemic control regime and to pay special attention to regular sterilization.