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Mongolians are good at going back in history

Mongolians are good at going back in history

There are countless words of wisdom that can be quoted directly from various posts on Facebook. The teachings are flowing. If Mongolians understand, there will be a lot of useful words. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Let the author read what I have written here.

You don’t have to explain everything. But that development, when it comes to the time of Genghis Khan, is a little exploited. There is also the topic of exploitation.

It is very common to call me (us) an artistic, natural, and abstract people. Every thinker, writer, and sage says so. In the 21st century, modern Mongolian youth (mostly urban), and all Mongolians who travel online, associate the backwardness of progress and social failures with their nomadic artistic imagination. Or immediately. He definitely is.

Is it a lie that poets, poets, Bolortsom, shamanic and religious magicians, and public and literary singers are all moving to ger districts, rural areas, and aimag and soum centers? Personally, I would like to go to a pub in the center of the city, to a place where young people gather and dance, to do “Bolortsom” and try to seduce the young people of the city (to fall in love with poetry). It won’t work alone, young people won’t accept it.

In the same way, the scandal of Genghis Khan did not go unnoticed by the Mongols. But I’m going to write that in the early 1990s, it was much weaker than it was when it was revived. It’s bad, of course, even worse. We’ve gotten tired of it, and we’ve turned it into a business (labels are outdone!) And we’ve weakened it. There are too many people eating food with “Chinggis Khaan” and society is tired of it. In a big way, the 21st century information technology era is inevitably forgotten. The history of Genghis Khan is not captivating and captivating the young people of modern culture who are enchanted by the information age.

We agree that the usual primitive nomadic mentality is alive and well in Mongolia. This is especially true if there are a large number of poor Mongolians living in ger districts, rural areas, and aimag and soum centers. What they are taught in their circle (mentality) is that during the socialist era, Tsedenbal used to enslave the Mongols, but democracy came and destroyed them and lost their way. The current situation is poverty, unemployment, corruption, indiscipline and injustice. and so on. Some of them lament that a new era of Tsedenbal is needed to save Mongolia, and populism has played on it, and populists have been in Mongolia for 30 years. None of the populists, let alone Genghis Khan, was 2-p Tsedenbal.

There is another disorder in that primitive thinking. It is said that the equestrian heroes of Genghis Khan were taken off their horses, their trees were grabbed and begged. Before the victory of democracy, the equestrian heroes of Genghis Khan were riding. It’s ridiculous who talked about what and when. I have a doctorate, a professor’s degree, and everything else, and one of my honored husbands (older than me) challenged me at a scientific conference and criticized me. There are rumors that this is said here and there at meetings.

Poor herders, workers and herdsmen don’t mow like that. I can’t find a reason to mow. Only scientists, artists, and writers are born like that. For example:

In the time of Chinggis khaan, Mongolians did not do that, they did not do that. During the reign of Genghis Khan, all Mongols were human elites.
When Mongolians say that they have become thieves, liars and liars, they start to complain that Mongolians have never been liars. Genghis Khan thawed liars like that. He even speaks with facts.
As soon as the Mongols were criticized for being so arrogant, happy, and humble, Genghis Khan’s soldiers and people became a country of extreme humility. He also speaks with facts.
When criticized for not wanting to work, for not being able to work, for being lazy, almost half of Mongolians were impoverished, and for hoping for public money, Genghis Khan’s Mongols were lazy and could not occupy half of the world.
Gradually, we will strive to lead Mongolia in the 21st century as an interpretation of the philosophy of kings. Let’s stop without quoting any examples.

I have heard criticism not only from Mongolians but also from some foreign Mongol scholars that this hard-working, light-hearted and humble people have been destroyed by 30 years of democracy and oppressed by politicians.

In the midst of the murmurs that never happened, did not happen, and did not exist during Genghis Khan’s reign, the phenomenon of playing the role of Genghis Khan, becoming a descendant, naming the modern Genghis Khan, taking him down from heaven, and taking him to heaven continues to be mocked in Mongolia. It’s an artistic phenomenon that only exists in Mongolia. We are not satisfied with the mockery of the world. It will be bleached by artistic thinking.

In the field of science and poetry, it is an exaggeration to say that Genghis Khan bequeathed and taught in this way. It is not surprising that a collection of Genghis Khan’s works has appeared in 100 volumes. In the 21st century, a group of scholars and saints discovered that Genghis Khan was a ruthless poet, a genius philosopher who preached through poetry, and that his teachings and testaments were archived somewhere.

He has written and published many books and collections of poetry on the topic of “The Charm of Genghis Khan” and defended his dissertation. But the fact that there are so many believers in society seems to be a tragedy. Or funny.

It was in August 2020. The DP held a meeting in the Parliament to review its knee-jerk reaction, and I gave a speech. After the speeches, a woman with a Genghis Khan teaching stood up and started arguing with us. The DP did not ignore Genghis Khan’s teachings like that, the great khan wrote them all down, he came and took them because he did not read and study them and did not implement them.

He read a lot of verses and demanded a weave from the DP on every verse. According to the teachings of Genghis Khan, he wrote a letter and raised it. Elbegdorj, Saikhanbileg and a few others were criticized. We sat down. Mr. Kh. Temuujin, the speaker, answered until his mouth was thirsty. “It’s a piece of literature that was written later, someone wrote that Genghis Khan did it,” Temuujin said, his voice hoarse. I understood that the other girl was fascinated by Genghis Khan’s poetry, but it was pointless to argue at the same meeting. Just one example.

Dreamers go back and forth and come to a single conclusion. The question arises as to who is to blame for the impoverishment and degradation of this great nation of the descendants of Genghis Khan. For the 31st year in a row, Mongolians are searching for the culprit who killed Genghis Khan’s cavalry heroes. After learning to curse, they will eventually name many politicians who have emerged in the 30 years of democracy, and will embark on a campaign to dismantle and punish them. I’m tired. That’s what trampled and trampled on alive. It is a blessing to have more politicians in prison, and calling them that on social media seems to be saying the same thing.

It is highly unlikely that the cavalry of the empire will be resurrected when the culprit is identified. It is easy to accuse a few famous politicians. Even so, it would be nice if the glory of 13th century Mongolia was revived, resurrected, and done as desired after eight centuries.