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Kh.Temuujin: I am withdrawing my name from the illegal extension

Kh.Temuujin: I am withdrawing my name from the illegal extension

Kh.Temuujin, a former member of Parliament and former Minister of Justice, withdrew his candidacy for the presidency of the Democratic Party.

He said, “I am withdrawing my name from DP member Kh. Temuujin due to the illegal extension. People who can’t follow the rules inside can’t lead the country abroad by law. It makes the DP worthless and unprincipled. A person who opposes the DP cannot be directly elected or extended. The party’s charter states that it must be six months since you became a member. ”

Kh.Temuujin, the former Minister of Justice, was registered yesterday to run for the presidency by the DP, which is the leader of O.Tsogtgerel’s party. Along with him, N.Altankhuyag, S.Ganbaatar and D.Ganbat nominated their names and submitted their materials. I.Munkhjargal, Chairman of the Internal Election Committee, announced today that the party’s central representative body will determine the name of the candidate at the party’s congress based on the votes of the party’s primary and middle level members.

With the withdrawal of Kh. Temuujin, N. Altankhuyag, S. Ganbaatar and D. Ganbat are left. Tomorrow, May 2, it will be decided which of the three candidates will run for the presidency. MP S. Ganbaatar left the MPRP on April 29 and joined the DP. However, MP N.Altankhuyag is an independent candidate and it is still controversial whether he is a member of the DP.

On the other hand, in the DP chaired by M. Tulgat

Former Member of Parliament S.Erdene
D.Ganbat, Chairman of the DP faction in the Parliament
Former Member of Parliament Ts. Oyungerel
Former Member of Parliament R.Amarjargal
L. Gundalai , who resumed his DP membership, has nominated his name. As for D.Ganbat, he was nominated on both sides.