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Candidates for the presidency from both parties, the DP

Candidates for the presidency from both parties, the DP

The nomination process for the Presidential election of Mongolia started today.

The four parliamentary parties and coalitions will start nominating their candidates today.

The MPP has announced its intention to join the MPRP. As for the ruling party, it has announced that it will hold a party conference on May 2 and announce its candidate.

S.Ganbaatar, who represented the MPRP and had the opportunity to run in the presidential election, strongly opposed the merger of the MPP and the MPRP and announced that he was leaving the party and joining the DP. As a result, our coalition formed by the MPRP has lost its representation in the parliament.

But the Right Man Electoral Coalition continues to receive “orders” from the people to nominate a candidate. The names of several candidates have been announced unofficially, but have not been finalized.

The most interesting and confusing thing is the DP. Candidates for O.Tsogtgerel and M.Tulgat’s party started their internal election today, holding a press conference.

Here is a list of people who have applied for the internal extension, which lasted until 15:00 today.

In the DP led by O. Tsogtgerel

S.Ganbaatar , a member of the Parliament who left the MPRP and joined the DP yesterday
N.Altankhuyag , an independent candidate from Orkhon aimag
D.Ganbat, Chairman of the DP faction in the Parliament
Former Minister of Justice Kh . Temuujin is included.
On the side of M.Tulgat, who is said to be S.Erdene’s successor and DP chairman

Former Member of Parliament S.Erdene
D.Ganbat, Chairman of the DP faction in the Parliament
Former Member of Parliament Ts. Oyungerel
Former Member of Parliament R.Amarjargal
It has become clear that L. Gundalai , who has resumed his DP membership , will run for office.
Most recently, the Supreme Court ruled that neither O. Tsogtgerel nor M. Tulgat could be registered as DP chairmen. The request was rejected because both parties had applied for registration as party leaders.

S.Ganbaatar, a member of the Parliament, said that M.Tulgat’s DP candidate for the Presidential election must have been a member of the party for 6 or more months. As for MP N.Altankhuyag, he has given his name to the opposition, not the DP, led by S.Erdene, whose membership was suspended for four years in 2019. However, D. Ganbat, the head of the DP faction in the Parliament, gave his materials to both sides as if he thought there would be no fire.

The time is approaching for the announcement of a candidate for the presidency, but it remains a mystery who the DP candidate will be.

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