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What did Joe Biden do in 100 days?

What did Joe Biden do in 100 days?

What did Joe Biden do in 100 days?

US President Joe Biden took office on January 20. In less than two months, it has signed a $ 1.9 trillion package to help its victims. Then, in the first 100 days of his presidency, he achieved his goal of 100 million doses of vaccine in mid-March. It was announced on the 21st of this month that 200 million doses of vaccine are ready to be given to people over the age of 16. The White House has said it will finish vaccinating all adults by the end of May. It has also pledged $ 4 billion for the COVAX vaccine program in poor countries.

In the field of education

To date, the Biden government has provided $ 1,400 per person, $ 80 billion in aid to educational institutions, and $ 39 billion in child care. A tax break of $ 10,200 has been offered to people earning less than $ 150,000 a month. It is the world’s leading source of infection, but today more than half of the 101 district secondary schools offer five-day classes.

Foreign relations

US-China relations have been at the heart of Biden’s election campaign, but since taking office, they have focused on Afghanistan, Iran and Russia. September 11 marks the 20th anniversary of the war with Afghanistan in connection with the collapse of the Twin Towers. Earlier, Biden announced the withdrawal of troops from the country. However, he said he would support peace between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Biden’s government has retaliated against Russia for expelling the country’s system by hacking and interfering in the election, and has expelled diplomats from Washington.

Climate change

It rejoined the Paris Agreement on Climate Change and hosted the World Summit on Climate Change. At the same time, Biden promised to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 by 50-52 percent from 2005 levels. The two-day meeting was attended by the leaders of France, Germany, China and Russia.