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The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the MPP and the MPRP was organized online

The signing ceremony of the cooperation agreement between the MPP and the MPRP was organized online

The leaders of the MPP and MPRP have signed a cooperation agreement. The signing ceremony was attended by U.Khurelsukh, Chairman of the MPP, D.Amarbayasgalan, Secretary General, N.Enkhbayar, Chairman of the MPRP, B.Tulga, Secretary General, D.Sumyaabazar, Chairman of the MPP, and In addition to Chairman Erdenejamyan, 300,000 members of both parties and supporters attended.

The MPP and MPRP have set up a joint working group to improve the parliamentary system in Mongolia and build a just society that respects democracy, human rights and freedoms, and to unite in the interests of Mongolia. worked.

On March 17, 2021, the working group issued a joint appeal with 10 goals that comprehensively reflect the interests of the Mongolian people, such as “Development of energy and infrastructure sectors for an independent economy and ownership of natural resources” that define the progress of Mongolia. All party members received more than 90 percent support from their supporters.

Thus, on April 29, 2021, more than 3,000 primary and secondary parties in 21 aimags, the capital city and 9 districts developed a “Joint Agreement on the Joining of the MPP and MPRP” to organize the merger of parties in accordance with Mongolian laws and party charters. The agreement was ratified by organizing an online meeting at the management level.

The agreement, which includes 6 chapters and 33 articles, aims to strengthen democracy and justice in Mongolia, strengthen the economy and strengthen its independence, become a highly developed country not only in the region but also in the world, and join 21 aimag, capital city and 9 district party organizations. The implementation of the merger arrangement is clearly stated.

The signing of the “ Unification Agreement between the MPP and the MPRP ” is a political force and active cooperation. The parties are confident that it will be delivered.