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The DP faction took a two-hour break to discuss the presidential veto

The DP faction took a two-hour break to discuss the presidential veto

U.Shijir, Chairman of the President’s Office, introduced the President’s veto.

The Standing Committee on State Structure and Legal Affairs met today and a majority of members considered it impossible to accept the President’s veto of the 38th resolution of the State Great Hural on the 2nd conclusion of the Constitutional Tsets.

MP Ts.Tuvaan asked, “What happened to the session of the Constitutional Tsets? Please give a clear answer. What kind of meetings and decisions are made according to the law and not according to the law? Have the legislators become the Tsets or one party?” I don’t understand why they are saying that the law does not include such a thing. Recently, there has been talk of opening and closing barriers.

The constitution states that only once every six years. So, the MPP is talking about it only once. There are no parentheses or commas. The word “six years” is clearly stated as “only once”. Written in black on white. Let me ask you what you mean by that. I don’t think there is a President in Mongolia who has been elected for six years. “

J. Munkhbat, Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Standing Committee on State Structure, said, “The Tsets has submitted its conclusions to the State Great Hural.

The State Great Hural (Parliament) does not have the right to intervene in the Tsets session. He discussed the conclusion and made a decision according to his rights. The Parliament is the highest legislative body. Today’s issue is being discussed within the framework of the Constitution and other laws. “

D.Ganbat, a member of the Parliament, asked for a break to discuss the veto, so G.Zandanshatar, the Speaker of the Parliament, gave a two-hour break to the DP faction in the Parliament.

12:46 2021/04/29

The parliamentary session started on Thursday afternoon. The President’s veto of Parliament Resolution 38 in its entirety is under discussion

The Constitutional Court has ruled that the re-election of former and current presidents is unconstitutional. The conclusion was discussed at a parliamentary session on April 22 and supported by a majority of members.

Today, President Kh. Battulga vetoed Parliament Resolution No. 38 of April 22, which accepted the second opinion of the Constitutional Court in 2021.

He said, “This organized and criminal activity of the Mongolian People’s Party, its leadership and members with the main purpose of suppressing their political rivals and not participating in the elections will remain a disgrace in the history of the Mongolian state. It needs to be corrected in a way that is acceptable to the people. ”

If the State Great Hural does not accept the conclusion of the Constitutional Tsets, the Tsets will reconsider the issue and make a final decision at its plenary session.