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Involved in traffic using QR-coded permits

Involved in traffic using QR-coded permits

According to the police , there have been cases of misuse of QR-licensed traffic .

For example,

  • Transportation of goods by medical card, certificate of organization or certificate of medical equipment transportation organization,
  • Participated in traffic by correcting the date of the invalid charity letter,
  • Participated in the movement to sell shoes at auction using QR codes for food delivery,
  • Transported to sell milk and dairy products using a doctor’s prescription,
  • There were violations such as delivery of e-commerce goods by a licensed vehicle with a QR code issued to a media organization.

According to Article 3.1 of the “Temporary procedure for regulating traffic in the capital city during the period of transfer to the state of public readiness” approved by the order No.37 of the Chairman of the State Special Commission dated April 25, 2021, the “QR code” permission shall be confiscated and revoked regulated to take action.

For example:

  • A request has been made by the license holder to revoke the license;
  • If placed in a vehicle other than that permitted;
  • If the permit is used for other purposes;
  • Violation of the allowed time to participate in traffic;
  • If the permit has been sold to others or forged materials have been obtained;
  • If the licensed vehicle is transferred, the “QR code” will be revoked.