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Cursed is the one who makes happy

Cursed is the one who makes happy

My virtuous gray-haired brother, whom I hold in high esteem, gave this warning. I found it on Facebook and posted it here. I have known this gentleman named L.Purevdorj for 40 years. A well-known military journalist in the People’s Army at the time, and later a deputy minister who headed the Ministry of Defense, was a major general, a well-known writer, and a Jewish scholar. My readers, please read carefully again and again!

f you don’t want to be the scum of the world, stop cursing now! For me, who publishes articles on free Mongolian sites, that impression is not new.

There are no swear words, and the more I do, the more I write. Cursing means that for me, the arrow I aimed at was behind me, and if I wrote it in a way that I didn’t like until I jumped up and jumped, I would be a reasonable journalist.

Readers appreciate that swearing and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and, and,

Personally, I do not agree with the fact that there is a lot of talk about a writer without the name Troll. Not everyone agrees that a few husbands took money and wrote it on purpose. I believe that this great curse, hatred, and threat (not to mention the bad language!) Is a reflection of the current state of Mongolian society, its direct reflection, and the imbalance of the majority of society. There are several reasons:

  • Most Mongolians live in frustration. As time goes on, the frustration does not go away. Anxiety always causes jealousy. Sources of frustration include poverty, lack of money (money quarrels), debt, helplessness, and failure of life (family quarrels, alcohol quarrels, etc.). What can he do but remove the great suffering (and vengeance) with his bitterness? Social media is a great platform for this. Instead of sitting there venting your anger.
  • Most Mongolians are very busy. Mongolians have time for everything. Why don’t he spend a lot of free time in society? Crowds of people with scratched phones are spending time. It’s nothing because you don’t do, you don’t create, you don’t think, you don’t run, it’s free time. Endless.
  • Mongolians are completely free. Mongolia has become one of the few Eurasian nations that is not punished for free thought and expression. Therefore, speaking and writing what you like in society is a testament to the freedom of Mongolians. There is nothing to blame.
  • Mongolian society is going through a difficult time. It’s been 30 years (too long!) And I’m still going through it. As time goes on, the transition does not end. Extravagance is zero adventure, sometimes brutal. All of this is directly affecting society.
  • The genes and mentality of Mongolians are directly reflected in society. Socio-psychological features. He has a nomadic ancestry and a unique sense of nomadic art. In society, he is manifested in many curses, threats and insults (word choice and head-to-head connections).
  • Mongolians do not unite, have ravine views, and do not submit to anyone. Wrongly quoted axes. Recall that for 30 years, Genghis Khan used a sword to reunite, and some tribesmen were beaten to death with a chariot wheel (“Mongolian Secret Bureau”). Ezen Bogd didn’t do it to include his brother, he did it in despair. They were punished because they were stubborn and malicious people who could not be thawed. That invincible gene is still going on. The destructive nature of destiny has become ingrained in society today.

That’s how I feel. I often go to the depths of society to find new ideas in my articles. Then, as the two vendors quarreled, they uttered jokes, phrases, and words of wisdom that I had never heard or heard of in literature. It gives me new ideas and new motivations. So I can’t blame them. Let’s argue. That is the reality and appearance.

I also have no intention of blaming the social scandal. That’s the way it is, so it’s useless to propagandize. Tell me what the solution is and the solution.

The solution is simple and clear. Let’s say it in two sentences. Let the government do the work for the people, at least make them rich, get rid of debt, and when they get the money, the stress and frustration will go away and they will be healthy (brain and body) and they will forget their curses, at least they will be ashamed. Quarrels are rarely pursued.

But who can say that Mongolian society will not succeed, and that malicious nature will suddenly turn into an advantage. It is a strange phenomenon that Mongolians, who have lived abroad for many years, return to their homeland, and some of them become accustomed to today’s chaotic and adventurous society and eventually stop going. Let’s say the charm of Mongolian society. Foreigners who have been living in Mongolia for a long time are not expelled, they are getting more and more immersed.

One of my cousins ​​lives in Mainz, Germany. He is married to a German woman and has been in Germany since 1988. He is able to support himself and his family. He came to Mongolia in early 2012 to do great things in his homeland. A wealthy Mongolian politician was invited to work for the company. Promises and persuasions abound. My other relative didn’t even care about that, we went through the “hell” of Mongolian society for more than a year and even drove him back. The man is talking. Everything is strange in Mongolia.

Zero adventures in the morning, new adventures every day. There is no such thing as an adventurous job, and it’s a very interesting and exciting life to go through. In our city of Mainz, it is very quiet and boring, and on Saturdays and Sundays there are no cars or people on the streets. But there is a lot of hustle and bustle in Ulaanbaatar. When he started talking about whether he would buy a house and bring his wife and children, we persuaded him to return to Germany.

What do you want? And there will be good things in our society, yes!

Let’s go back to that society. I have written the causes and solutions behind the curse. I would like to remind the cursed comrades that if we analyze the psycho-biological phenomena of cursing, we can secretly destroy cortisol or stress hormones, which are harmful to the health of cursed people. Modern psychiatry and medicine have shown that hidden diseases such as headaches, high blood pressure, pustules on the face and mouth, irritability, loss of self-control, nervous exhaustion, and delirium surround the curser. On the contrary, they do not realize that they are destroying their bodies and brains. Just raising your cortisol means you’re getting higher.

I can’t imagine that I will go down to a nation that makes people happy. Download it with a fork! If you don’t want to be the scum of the world, stop cursing now!