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U.Khurelsukh said, Kh.Battulga confirmed

U.Khurelsukh said, Kh.Battulga confirmed

Kh.Battulga, G.Zandanshatar and U.Khurelsukh are the members of the Security Council who have been working together since 2017 and are probably the most harmonious of the previous “three”. In fact, many activities were decided together and “… We are at peace.”

On the other hand, for three years it has been said that “… Mongolia is acting as if it has two prime ministers.” It is said that the President is responsible for the construction of the railway.

However, the “friendship” of the two members of the Security Council broke on January 21, 2021. Five months remained until the end of President Kh. Battulga’s term, and seven months after the second term of Prime Minister U. Khurelsukh.

I wondered exactly what had happened. No answer found. However, with each passing day, President Kh. Battulga’s actions confirmed U. Khurelsukh’s resignation as Prime Minister.


2021.1.21. Citizens of our country, I apologize to you and the Prime Minister for making an unpleasant statement. Two days ago, it was irresponsible and inhumane to transport a newborn woman to the NCCD. I am a father. It was a heartbreaking experience for me as a father and as Prime Minister.

… The government must be able to bear the mistakes. I have repeatedly reminded her of this, but I again apologize profusely for treating her so rudely. Due to this mistake, two ministers resigned. I planned to work with a full staff, but unfortunately it didn’t happen. Citizens and young people gathered in the square and held a demonstration. That was the right thing to do. I bear the responsibility of the Prime Minister. Demonstrations and political activities took place.

President Kh. Battulga, whom I trusted, hoped for and worked with, incited the people to riots, financed them and politicized the peaceful demonstrations. In the future, street and square demonstrations will be organized, creating instability in the government and provoking the people. As the Prime Minister who respects the interests of my country, there may be an unfair political relationship between the President and the Government. This is to prevent unrest and loss of life for Mongolians.

We have not forgotten July 1, and we must not do it again. So my decision is related to that as well. The President of Mongolia has a duty to represent the unity of the people and to ensure the security of the people, but he cannot do that.

I do not want anyone who protects the interests of the people of Mongolia to commit such an inappropriate act in the future. In addition, as the leader of the ruling party, he believes that the President should be held accountable under the Constitution.

The Mongolian judiciary wants the prosecutor’s office to be independent. I spoke to members and relevant people at the NSC meeting. Those positions are not eternal. You will be tested by the government one day. The National Security Council should never break the law, Mr. President. You have repeatedly said and warned that if we break the law, the Mongolian government will lose its law enforcement agencies. Z.Enkhbold was repeatedly warned when he was the head of the Secretariat.

I was reminded many times, even when I was the new young leader. I have repeatedly warned the head of the NSC Secretariat, A. Gansukh. ” He also said, “… the President of Mongolia is violating the law. This person is not a party member. He refuses to join the party. I always work for the party. Your party members themselves criticize it. I think the DP has been defeated, the People’s Government has been defeated, and Mongolia will be defeated in the future.


  • 2021.2.4. By noon that day, I met with Ts. Nanzaddorj, a member of the Tsets. There were reports in the media that he was holding a one-on-one meeting with members of the Tsets.
  • 2021.2.10. President Kh. Battulga visited the Tsets “uninvited.” He appealed to the Tsets. Amendments to the Anti-Corruption Law, the Law on Courts, and some articles, sections, and provisions of the Law on Administrative and Territorial Units and Their Management are unconstitutional.
  • 2021.2.24. The President went to the Tsets again. In an official letter, he said, “… the Constitutional Tsets finally resolved the issue reviewed by a member of the President Tsets in 1997 and set a legal unquestionable and indisputable standard. … This conclusion of the Tsets is still valid today.” in an official letter. In other words, in 1997, the issue of whether he was eligible to run was aligned with that of the first President, P. Ochirbat. Therefore, the content was that he had the right to be promoted again.
  • 2021.4.15. The members of the Tsets who will attend tomorrow’s meeting will receive “phone calls” and some members will have “face-to-face” meetings. In addition to the Tsets, some members of the DP, mostly members of the Mongolian Democratic Union, lined up.
  • 2021.4.16. Ts. Nanzaddorj did not attend the middle sitting of the Tsets. This is the first time in the 29-year history of the Tsets that a member has boycotted a session. The Tsets changed its composition in the afternoon. From there, it was decided that those who have served and are still serving as President will not be eligible to run again.
  • 2021.4.19. President Kh.Battulga made a surprise statement in front of the “Nine-legged white flag” at the Government House. He announced that he had issued an order to dissolve the MPP. The order will be submitted to the Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the President was not the subject of the dissolution of the political party. After making such a statement, the President went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This was announced the next day by the head of the Cabinet of Ministers.
  • 2021.4.22. President Kh.Battulga appeared in front of the statue of Chinggis in front of the Government House. This time, I read a message to the people in connection with the order to dissolve the MPP. However, “… Mongolians should not rule political parties over their eternal state. To do this, it is time to unite and protect the Mongolian state. The efforts of every Mongolian are needed to liberate and protect the Mongolian state from one-party oppression. ”

In the afternoon, the President’s Office said, “… Accordingly, the next day, on April 23, 2021, at 11:00 am, I will personally go to the Supreme Court to present the grounds for dissolving the MPP to all judges and provide evidence and other relevant materials. It is time to hand it over. ”

2021.4.23. S.Amardelger, Chief of Staff of the Supreme Court, met with U.Shijir, Chief of Staff of the President’s Office, and informed that not all judges were able to gather due to a case of COVID19 infection at the Supreme Court. In the evening, so-called representatives of business and youth staged a “demonstration” in the central square, protesting against the embargo.