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L.Enkh-Amgalan: Students will have a day off from Monday without TV and e-lessons

L.Enkh-Amgalan: Students will have a day off from Monday without TV and e-lessons

MP Yo.Baatarbileg clarified why the Minister of Education and Science issued an order for students to take classes during the holidays, and whether it is possible for students and teachers to take vacations during the second term.

MP, Minister of Education and Science L.Enkh Peace rest of the holiday season. “Next week vacation begins. Command is practicing relaxation resting because of a possible recovery times when parents and surguuliaudaas subject under the first month, delays It was suggested that this was happening. Instead, the ministry did not make a direct decision. The ministry may change its order depending on the situation.

There are 174,000 children late for school in Mongolia. It was intended to address the backlog of schools, which is a major challenge. The school and the community can choose whether to go on vacation or not. “

He commented again on his Facebook page.

The statement said, “The reason for the decision to continue TV and e-learning during the school holidays is based on research and suggestions that students have not been able to catch up for more than a month.

The Ministry of Education, Science and Culture did not make a decision one day after he came down from heaven. This is a bottom-up decision.
Depending on the circumstances, the ministry may change its decision without delay. Nationwide, there are 174,000 truant students. The problem facing schools is the challenge of making up for the delays that occurred a day or even an hour ago.
As of today, some activities have been suspended in 7-8 aimags due to new or recurrent corona outbreaks.

In line with this, students will be able to take a break from next week’s Monday without TV or e-learning. During this time, we have decided to do a good job of disinfecting and disinfecting schools. “