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Ts.Elbegdorj and Kh.Battulga will bow to each other

Ts.Elbegdorj and Kh.Battulga will bow to each other

When S.Erdene became the DP chairman, Baabar, her husband, said, “… The best choice is S.Erdene, in order for the DP to recover, it must first fall to the bottom.” That was four years and four months ago.

Today, Baabar’s words are as wonderful as the words of Mao Zedong, the southern neighbor, “… Confusion to the bottom is the basis for radical reform,” and Lenin, the northern neighbor, “… everything that accelerates the destruction of a corrupt society is progressive.”

Indeed, the DP is deteriorating. Unable to contain his internal quarrel, he is facing trial in the Supreme Court today.

The DP’s confrontation is not with S.Erdene’s fault, but with the betrayal caused by the occupation and defeat of power.

In general, the “opposition” DP has been divided since the 2020 parliamentary elections. It’s been almost a year.

After the election, DP Chairman S. Erdene resigned. However, Ts. Tuvaan, who took over as chairman, did not carry out the next steps and lay down under the party.

Then S.Erdene came out again and confirmed his party’s seal. This created a formal division.

Ts.Tuvaan convened the Parliament as the Presidential election was approaching. From the very beginning, this Parliament had a policy of “leaning” towards President Kh. Battulga and with his participation. Many influential DP members did not attend the congress. It is possible not to participate.

The new rules stumbled in the Supreme Court. Ts. Tuvaan was also not considered the DP chairman.

A month ago, S.Erdene’s DP and Ts.Tuvaan’s DP were re-elected. S.Erdene’s M.Tulgat and Ts.Tuvaa’s O.Tsogtgerel were brought out.

The same event was held on both sides, and for a while I was stunned. The Great Hural on both sides, the ceremony of awarding the Order of Chinggis on both sides, and the celebration of democracy on both sides were lost.

In fact, Ts.Elbegdorj was behind S.Erdene and Kh.Battulga was behind Ts.Tuvaa. This is clear from the respective party organizations after the election of the party chairman.

In the first half of this month, the Tsets decided whether President Kh. Battulga would run again. Members of the Democratic Party, led by O. Tsogtgerel, took an active part in the “demonstration” to influence the Tsets.

On the other hand, M. Tulgat appointed Ch. Unurbayar as General Secretary after he became the DP chairman. From here, everything becomes clear. Ch. Unurbayar is Ts. Elbegdorj’s man.

In addition to all this, many other facts and events prove that Ts. Elbegdorj and Kh. Battulga own the two DPs one by one.

President Kh. Battulga has nothing to do with why the DP was divided.

In fact, the DP, which lost the 2020 parliamentary elections again, has approached the President. The adults disappeared one by one, and the young people, mostly members, went to the President. He also directed the next activities well.

Thus, when Kh. Battulga’s DP, sheltered by Ts. Tuvaan, became active, Ts. Elbegdorj resumed his political activities based on S. Erdene’s DP.

Today, however, the two DPs stand before the Supreme Court with equal excitement. The Supreme Court will decide which of M.Tulgat and O.Tsogtgerel is legal and will run for the presidency with the DP.

In other words, if M.Tulgat is allowed to be the DP chairman, Ts.Elbegdorj will be on the rocks. Kh. Battulga will not visit the MPP, but will bow to Ts. Elbegdorj. It is said, “… the devil is closer than the god of the distant.”

But if O. Tsogtgerel is confirmed as the DP chairman, he will be encouraged to run for the presidency again, which Kh. Battulga lost ten days ago. Even today, it seems that this idea has not changed. Eventually, everyone seems to notice that their actions are becoming dangerous. When U. Khurelsukh resigned as Prime Minister on January 21, 2021, he said, “… The President is violating the law. This person is not a party member. He refuses to join the party. But I always do party work. Your party members themselves criticize it. I think the DP has been defeated, now the People’s Government has been defeated, and I think Mongolia will be defeated in the future. ” There are rumors that Kh. Battulga is proving this statement through his actions.

On the other hand, it can be said that the parliamentary group contributed to the DP’s deterioration. In addition to the President, the faction in parliament should have been the force to revive the DP, which lost the 2020 parliamentary elections. Unfortunately, the party’s group has not only supported its comrades-in-arms, but also decided to do it themselves. Very left. Starting with the group leader D.Ganbat, he usually tells jokes at the conference. He was ridiculed and turned into a social hero.

In general, it is very interesting which DP the DP supports. As mentioned above, “S.Erdene, M.Tulgat, Ts.Elbegdorj” have many strong and experienced members in the DP. “Ts.Tuvaan, O.Tsogtgerel, Kh.Battulga” were visited by young people who have just reached the age of “Youth Union”.

There are more observers than runners on either side. They will probably leave the house wearing masks after today’s Supreme Court decision …

However, members of the opposition will weigh heavily on the DP. On the night of the Tsets decision on April 19, 2021, the DP said it was happy to be divided into three factions. This is the proof.

In addition, as soon as the Tsets decided, eight people came forward and said, “… I will run for the presidency from the DP.” There are reliable sources that the names of E.Bat-Uul, Ts.Oyungerel, Ya.Sanjmyatav, N.Altankhuyag, R.Amarjargal, Z.Enkhbold and Kh.Temuujin are being mentioned.

Some can be heard walking away with the answer of a guard who can say, “..I don’t intend to advance.”

After all, they are all comrades who lead certain groups in the DP. Imagine that all those groups were upset that night that President Kh. Battulga would not run for re-election.

So, today the Supreme Court will decide whether to approve Ts. Elbegdorj’s DP chairman or to approve Kh. Battulga’s DP chairman.

In short, if the Supreme Court supports M. Tulgat, the DP will elect eight people to run for President. If O.Tsogtgerel is released, only President Kh.Battulga will decide.

To be more precise, the Supreme Court will decide today whether Ts. Elbegdorj and Kh. Battulga will bow to each other.