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The competition for the presidency is intensifying

The competition for the presidency is intensifying

As the presidential election approaches, the political actions related to it are intensifying. For example, there are disputes over whether the incumbent can run for the presidency, and whether the parties will unite or not, dissolve or not. 

The President of Mongolia, Kh. Battulga, made a lot of noise yesterday when he announced that he was delivering his order to dissolve the ruling MPP to the Supreme Court. In the tense of the inward, the smoky.

On April 19, 2021 at 1:30 p.m.

The MPP  has been accused of violating Mongolia’s sovereignty and independence, dismantling national unity, seizing state power by unconstitutional means, resorting to aggression and becoming a militarized party on the following grounds.

  • The MPP has jeopardized the Constitution and posed a serious threat to democracy and the security of the Mongolian people and nation. 
  • The government, which is responsible for organizing the implementation of the Constitution of Mongolia and other laws throughout the country, resigned within a day by the decision of the MPP.
  • The National Security  Council has not convened since 2021.
  • The  leadership of the MPP split the opposition and the Democratic Party in parliament and undermined national unity.
  •  U.Khurelsukh , the chairman of the Mongolian People’s Party ( MPP) , established an organization called the Mongolian Military Union. There is a risk that the party and its structure will be able to conduct military operations in the future.
  • The MPP  has repeatedly used the plague for political purposes.

On April 19, 2021 at 9:30 p.m.

Following the President’s decree, the Board of the MPP convened an emergency meeting and issued a statement in response to the President. Prominent MPP members then convened and issued a direct statement from the Independence Palace. The statement said President Kh. Battulga’s decree violated more than a dozen laws, including the Constitution, the National Security Concept, the Law on the President, the Law on Political Parties and the Criminal Code. 

The President also created a sense of sovereignty over the judiciary and the dissolution of political parties, and called on other political parties to unite against the criminal attempt to overthrow the democratic system of parliament by unconstitutional attempts to seize state power by unconstitutional means .

He also called on President Kh. Battulga to fulfill his duties as Head of State within the framework of the Constitution and other laws, to uphold national unity and human rights and freedoms.


Following the announcement of the President’s order to dissolve the MPP at the Government House, the news of his visit to the CRC went viral yesterday . Then chairman of Armed Forces .Ganzorig  confirmed this information and discussed the three issues during the visit attended by President Armed Forces.

In particular, the meeting asked about the activities of military units to improve the military service, to make relevant decisions, when and how to organize events planned for the 100th anniversary of the Armed Forces, and the activities of the  “Mongolian Military Union” .

The President of the Republic of  Mongolia announced at a press conference today that he did not want to politicize the act, which he personally attended  .

Let me tell you about the above-mentioned “Mongolian Military Association”.  


There are a total of 27 non-governmental organizations in our country. In April 2019, an NGO called the “Mongolian Military Union” was established, uniting separate military professional associations.  

The main purpose of the organization is to unite the government, civil society organizations, military personnel and citizens in the development of military, patriotic and national pride, enlightenment of the people, protection and strengthening of Mongolia’s independence, security, intellectual immunity and values. It currently has over 1,000 members. 

The association consists of a congress, a conference and a board of directors. The head office is located in Ulaanbaatar and has local branches.  

At the first meeting in April 2019, former Prime Minister U.Khurelsukh was elected as the head of the association by 100 percent of votes. He headed the organization until July 1, 2020.

At one time, the President sent a message, but now he has issued a statement condemning it.   


President Kh.Battulga delivered a message to the participants of the first congress of the “Mongolian Military Union” NGO held at the Government House in 2019. He is on a mission 

“Mongolian Military Union” NGO and government military organizations will work together to improve the social protection of servicemen and the elderly, strengthen civil-military relations, spread patriotism and nationalism, and determine the country’s development and progress in the defense sector. I’m confident. 

He called on the President of Mongolia and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to work together for the great cause of Mongolia’s development. 

Yesterday’s process proved that the conflict between Kh. Battulga and U. Khurelsukh has reached its peak.