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DP group: Accountable to NOC and NOC

DP group: Accountable to NOC and NOC

The regular meeting of the Democratic Party group /2021.04.26/ was held and the following issues were discussed. This includes

  • Analysis of the State Audit Office’s 2020 activity report;
  • Analysis of the glass account website www.shilendans.gov.mn;
  • Social issues such as the actions of the authorities, difficulties in cross-border trade and transportation, and rising commodity prices;
  • Problems in the society that the Democratic Party has signed an agreement with a US lobby company;
  • A draft request from the Group to evaluate and hold accountable the Government’s efforts to combat the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19);
  • The draft decision of the Democratic Party group in the Parliament to establish a working group to monitor the budget spent by the Government and the National Olympic Committee on combating the spread of the coronavirus infection (Kovid-19) was discussed.

According to the Law on State Audit, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Budget will soon discuss the organization’s 2020 report. The state audit is an organization responsible for monitoring the state budget and its expenditure. So you have to be exemplary and have no financial conflicts.

However, the organization’s planned workload is stable, but its finances have tripled since the 2017 budget. In other words, the Auditor General of Mongolia sharply increased his budget from MNT 9.6 billion in 2017 to MNT 21.7 billion in 2020 and MNT 27.2 billion in 2021. This is seen as an expression of the “friendly” relationship between the government and the National Audit Office. The fact that the budget oversight body has repeatedly doubled its budget indicates that it is beginning to be influenced by the authorities. Although every budget governor, especially the Minister of Finance, seeks to have a “friendly” relationship with auditing, it is in fact a common phenomenon at the international level that contradicts audit independence.  

In addition, in 2021 alone, the number of employees will be increased by more than 100 people, which will increase the cost of salaries, as well as the cost of additional salaries and bonuses. Many issues have been raised, such as the fact that the Audit Office, which oversees the glass account, does not keep the glass account in accordance with the law, and there are violations.

The Democratic Party group also called on the government to hold the chairman of the NOC, Deputy Prime Minister S.Amarsaikhan, and the head of the NOC, D.Sumyaabazar, accountable. This is because the NOC and the Ulaanbaatar Special Commission (NOC), which are to lead in these difficult times of coronavirus infection, do not work as a team. Many of the issues mentioned are unscientific and poorly organized. Authorities also strongly condemned the defamatory, unethical, and negative attitude of doctors and medical staff in the fight against the epidemic.

During today’s group meeting, MPs O.Tsogtgerel and Ts.Tuvaan commented on the allegations that the Democratic Party has entered into an agreement with a US lobbying company. O. Tsogtgerel, a member of the Parliament, said, “Information about the names, discrepancies and signatures of the party and its members has been spread in the society. I have no contract with any lobbying company. If you have a contract, you must have proof of payment. We will find out and inform the public. ” MP Ts. Tuvaan said, “On the social media, it was seen that my last name was incorrect and that O. Tsogtgerel’s signature was forged. I understand that the President has issued an order to dissolve the MPP, which is an attempt to make him look wrong. We will officially announce that no such agreement has been signed. ” The group advised relevant members to provide factual information to the public on this issue, to express their views on the issue, and to provide information.

It was agreed that the Democratic Party group in the State Great Hural should support the candidacy of a member of the State Great Hural in the upcoming Presidential election. In addition, the Government has transferred the exclusive powers of the State Great Hural (Parliament) to fight the epidemic, monitor the uncontrolled spending of large sums of money and major mining projects, and provide relevant information and clarifications to the Democratic Party group meeting in the State Great Hural. working groups will be established.