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What was the purpose of the 15-day quarantine?

What was the purpose of the 15-day quarantine?

As the number of coronavirus infections per day exceeded 800, the government imposed a 15-day quarantine and announced a doubling of vaccinations during that time, but said vaccinations would be stopped two days later. So was the purpose of the 15-day quarantine a health issue? Or was it for political reasons? has raised doubts among the public.

As the 15-day quarantine began in the capital last Saturday, and as the number of infections soared, people rushed for the vaccine, waited days for the first dose to be given, and the government announced that immunization had been suspended during the quarantine.

What is the quarantine if there is no immunization during the strict quarantine period? The question is still being asked. In order to counter strong public criticism, the first dose of the vaccine has been distributed to people over 60 years of age. If there is a vaccine for the first dose, why not for the second dose? There is only one answer. There is no vaccine. The government is conducting “demonstration training” to suppress criticism.

Politicians have speculated that the main reason for the embargo was the mid-session of the Constitutional Court scheduled for Friday, April 16.

For example, prominent citizens appealed to the Constitutional Court of Mongolia and Article 3.1.2, Article 5.4, 5.6 and 26 of the Law on Presidential Elections of Mongolia, approved by the Parliament on December 24, 2020. The Tsets will review and make a decision on the information that Article 26.2 of the Constitution is inconsistent with some provisions of the Constitution. Four well-known citizens complained that the above-mentioned provisions violated the Constitution, and that the incumbent President and former President-elects should not be included in the Presidential Election Law. In other words, it will be the main meeting to resolve the dispute over whether the current President Kh. Battulga is eligible to run.

There is ONE party and ONE politician who is having “daydreams and nightmares” to have a President on his 100th birthday. It is clear that the authorities, who are fed up with the men and women in power, are taking advantage of the 15-day curfew and are planning to “cheat” the public by keeping them in their homes. This reckless act of the ruling party, which seeks to influence even the Constitutional Court, is a serious act that exacerbates the one-party dominance and undermines democracy.