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Former MP N.Nomtoibayar has been released

Former MP N.Nomtoibayar has been released

Former Member of Parliament and Government N.Nomtoibayar was released from prison today.

He was detained on May 28, 2020, before the end of his term as a member of parliament.

The court found that N.Nomtoibayar, during his tenure as Minister of Labor and Social Welfare and Chairman of the National Employment Council, did not properly monitor the implementation of “Targeted projects and programs tailored to the specific needs of local and capital city” and neglected his duties under Article 23.5 (1) of the Criminal Code. He was suspended from public office for two years and sentenced to one year in prison on criminal charges.

The law provides for imprisonment for the duration of the investigation. Accordingly, N.Nomtoibayar’s detention and sentence expired today.