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T.Aubakir: Food security will be ensured by supporting the agricultural sector for 30-40 years

T.Aubakir: Food security will be ensured by supporting the agricultural sector for 30-40 years

New tractors, combines, machinery, irrigation equipment, forestry and poultry machinery, equipment, fertilizers and pesticides, which are essential for agricultural production at a time of epidemic conditions, economic crisis and currency appreciation. In order to reduce customs duties and support entrepreneurs, the draft Law on Value Added Tax Exemption and the Law on Customs Tax Exemption were approved.

With the adoption of these two laws, it will be possible to stabilize the growth of agricultural production, improve the economic capacity of farmers and producers, introduce new advanced technologies, cultivate in an environmentally friendly manner, and provide healthy and safe food to our citizens.

Members of Parliament are asking questions related to the project.

MP G. Munkhtsetseg: I support the project. What I have been asking since yesterday is to think more about access. It is not just a matter of planting in agricultural areas, but also in greenhouses in the Gobi and steppe regions. We exempt VAT every year, but most importantly we need support and policy. Do you have research, plans and budgets for greenhouses?

Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Z.Mendsaikhan: With the adoption of the law, access will be available throughout the country. 1/4 of deciduous plants are supplied domestically. We are working on a policy in this regard. Discussions are underway with the Dutch government on the development of greenhouses.

MP N.Altankhuyag: I am skeptical about plant protection products and fertilizers. According to the Minister’s response, there was an investigation. That’s a fairy tale. Growers say that it would be good if the police did not put professional supervision during the autumn harvest, and that cellar farming should be supported. We want to collect and analyze the right system. It’s a beautiful thing to say about developing like Japan. We want to implement this in the agricultural sector. We want to set up a working group to change the system and eat safe food. In addition to importing uncertified food, domestic products are also becoming uncertified.

MP S. Khurelbaatar: We have been providing benefits and exemptions in the agricultural sector for many years. So we want to make innovative arrangements and support. Many small and medium enterprises can be developed in the agricultural sector. The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry is probably working on the development of greenhouses and new technologies.

Members who support or oppose the bill speak.

MP D.Unurbolor: Due to the pandemic, the prices of agricultural equipment and fertilizers have increased. Due to the high interest rates on bank loans and the lack of equipment upgrades, the draft law is expected to provide support.

MP J.Bat-Erdene: I support the draft law. Thank you to the government and the Ministry of Food and Agriculture for submitting the project. It is important to look at the development of the agricultural sector not only during the planting season, but also in the next 5-10 years, and to introduce incentives and exemptions accordingly. It is important to note that planning needs to be done in general, not just over time.

MP T.Aubakir: I do not agree with the Standing Committee shortening the term. Time must be stable. We have to provide sustainable support to solve the food problem. Food security will be ensured after 30-40 years of consistent support. Therefore, the proposal to shorten the term of the last standing committee is not supported.

MP J.Ganbaatar: It is obvious that the sectors that provide discounts and exemptions are not developing. So we need a long-term sector policy.