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Can the DP resolve its internal divisions?

Can the DP resolve its internal divisions?

The nomination process for the Presidential election of Mongolia will start on the 30th of this month. According to the law, the candidates will be announced between April 30 and May 2. Four political parties, the MPP, the DP, the MPRP, and the HUMAN, have the right to run for the presidency.

Yesterday, the Board of the MPP met to discuss the draft agreement on joining the MPRP. Later, during a live broadcast on TV9 last night, MPRP Chairman N. Enkhbayar expressed his support for the MPP candidate in the 2021 presidential election.

The Board of the MPP will meet on May 2 to select a candidate for the presidency.

However, the opposition Democratic Party has not yet resolved its internal divisions. Despite expectations that the Supreme Court would block the Democratic Party’s case, the Supreme Court yesterday rejected a request to register two Democratic Party leaders. In other words, the Supreme Court refused to register both O. Tsogtgerel and M. Tulgat, who won separate elections last month, as the party’s chairman, leaving S. Erdene as the party’s chairman.

In this regard, MP O.Tsogtgerel its official website bilateral request to register “DP chairman of the Supreme Court handed. As a result of this decision, our party will not be able to run in the presidential election. Our ability to run in the state elections has become so difficult that it depends on the rivals and the ruling party. Therefore, I would like to invite my comrades, led by M.Tulgat, to a consultative meeting on how to successfully participate in the Presidential election in this small, small, blue building of the DP. 2021.04.28 or Wednesday at 12.00. At the same time, we wrote, “We can think of the public interest more than our personal interests,” and “It is time to show the wisdom of the Mongolian people, comrades.”

Also , former DP chairman S. Erdene said, “Good morning. The decision of the Supreme Court to refuse to register the new DP leader will not affect the DP’s participation in the presidential election. Second, I took responsibility and handed over the DP chairmanship to the new chairman, M. Tulgat. I can responsibly say that this decision is still valid. ”

The process of nominating candidates for the presidency has come to a standstill as the two newly elected “leaders” continue to seize their seals. But the problem remains. If this internal “fight” does not end, the DP may not be able to win the right to run for the presidency this time.