New gambling trends for 2021

The gambling industry has changed a lot in recent years. What people bet on; how to place their bets; even the type of currency they use.

Over the last two decades, the casino industry has moved online, dominating the brick and mortar side. This is especially true in the UK. When New Casino Star bosses asked resident expert Katie Johnson for a list of new casino sites to be set up in 2021, it was shocking how many new platforms are popping up almost every day.

There are countless new online casinos 2021 for UK players. Thousands of new, new games are ready to entertain us.

But what has changed recently? What trends are changing for gamblers today?

New trends

Mobile games should be the biggest change. Since the 1980s, modern society has evolved into a fast-paced race where everything is in motion. With more than four billion people owning smartphones, it’s easy to see why online casinos are thriving.

The Internet connection is now faster than the average user and much more reliable than in the early days of broadband. Until recently, all that was needed was a casino to produce a mobile application tailored to the size of the workplace. Small screens usually require fine-tuning of what appears on a full-size computer screen.

Cryptocurrency is more of a social trend than just gambling. Bitcoin favorites allow you to maintain confidentiality and make it easy to switch between currencies on other platforms.

This is not just a plus for the client. Online casinos pay a lot of money for bank transactions, which is a heavy blow to their shoulders. Withdrawals can be made as soon as it is possible to make transactions in cryptocurrency. This means better bonuses and games that pay more generously.

Esports is another big change in the recent gambling industry. The addition of streamers on Twitch has made ordinary video players a star. Regular tournaments create a huge betting market like never before.

The trend that is just beginning to introduce itself is virtual reality. Live dealer games are popular, but there is nothing better than feeling comfortable in your living room.

The equipment has proven to be a difficult beast to tame. There seems to always be a problem with getting a low-cost product that produces high-quality images on a standard home computer, but that might happen in 2021.

Finally, one of the trends we’re looking at in 2021 is to return our luxury vacation to Las Vegas. Who is looking forward to such a small opportunity?