Where did a lot of money go in 2020?

It may have been the strangest year in history, but it didn’t stop the cash flow, and today we’ll highlight the biggest winners of poker 2020 and see how they play with their casino game rivals.

When Brazilian Pablo Brito Silva earned $ 1 million from Uruguay in February, he had no idea he would be close to the top 20 this year, but that much money could only make twenty-one in 2020 poker money. -List of winners.

When Phil visited Ivy’s “High Crazy Sochi” a month later, making four boxes of boxes for almost $ 1.7 million was enough to make him ninth that year.

It was Tim Adams of Canada who won the Super Bowl Bowl, then in Australia and then in Russia, making him a monster for 5,854,376 years. This is almost $ 2 million more than Bulgaria’s Stoyan Madanjiev, who won the main event of the World Series for the first time this year, or $ 3,910,705.

This year’s online poker outbreak has thrown away the biggest pots in online gaming, with Ali Imsirovich taking the biggest unlimited Hold’em pot and making a monster with Tang Shuan for $ 974,631.

It broke the 12-year history of Di Dang, who broke Victor Malinowski’s NLHE record of $ 842,438 last week and took a $ 723,941 bottle from Tom Dwan.

All of these amazing numbers are amazing, and how do they compare to the biggest wins of other casino games? Regardless of skill, luck, variance, and other things, some of our favorite games make poker look like a game of the poor.

It’s been less than a month since the slot player dropped the $ 20 million jackpot and big-pay MegaMoolah.

The Mega Fortune Dream win on the same day, winning more than $ 3.5 million, was a rewarding time online.

Although it’s easier to convert everything to $ and count, landing huge jackpots is far from the only US phenomenon, as the big winners in the new UK online casino have been proven many times over.

Just a few weeks after the Swedish player pocketed € 2.6 million this summer, the UK’s lucky players were paid £ 1,650,382 by the right-named Major Millions.

It’s not even the “corner of the world” label that identifies the world’s biggest winners this year. This victory will overcome the age and gender barriers from young housewives to retired gentlemen. The life-changing victory is very captivating.

Sometimes poker players win big in other games, as English poker supporter Jake Cody won a $ 42,000 prize two years ago when he placed it on a reel of a roulette wheel.

Many people say, “Look, look, look!” Shouted. The ball stopped at black 22 and Cody doubled his money in a matter of minutes.

This year, only ‘MR2SALTY4YA’ players decided to give a birthday present at the live blackjack table of a popular poker site, and the poker connection continued.

His $ 1 bet is the perfect dessert and a smart decision to hit the $ 95,000 Diamond Jackpot in November.

This may sound small compared to some of our big wins, but winning $ 1.6 million on the same Blackjack table two months ago would be the best poker win.

Dr. HODL raised that monster’s victory from $ 1,000 throughout August.

Of course, the big win should be a big celebration, and the first blackjack dealer mentioned above was first rewarded with a $ 500 banner and a bottle of wine.

Overall, it was an easy year for players to easily switch from live casinos to online equivalents. What 2021 holds is still unclear: it may not be so weird, but for many, one can be sure that this year will be another jackpot year!