7 poker graphics that every player should know

Many poker enthusiasts use graphics to help them play this game. So I decided to make a list of essential poker graphics that every poker player should know.

Poker is about setting the math right. So, keep in mind that by calculating your chances of getting your hands on it, you will know how much risk you are facing.

Reading these tables (and hopefully, by learning) will give you a better understanding of the game.

The tables should help you be more comfortable playing poker during online and live games, as they illustrate important information that many beginners ignore.

Here is a brief summary of what we learned from this article.

Poker rankings

You need to know how your hands are ranked in poker to know if you have won the pot. This is a basic knowledge that most poker players consider simple. However, if you are familiar with online poker, it is always a good idea to open this table in a separate window.
This will give you a better understanding of your hands. This is not a difficult graph to remember. After two hands, you will be able to hang it and make a decision without making a decision.

Let’s look at the table!

What should you take into account when studying this spreadsheet?
The chart starts with the highest poker card and ranks the weakest poker hand. If you don’t have a valuable hand, your highest hole card will be counted.

Poker players with the same highest card will receive the next highest card to determine the winner. If only two players remain and they all have the same hand, a tie is declared and the pan is split. However, this does not always happen.

The best hand in poker

The beginning of poker consists of two hole cards given at the beginning of the hand. Although there are many possibilities at this time, you need to have a clear idea of ​​your probabilities from the beginning.

Simply put, some start-ups are better than others because it’s better to get a pair of aces than a dozen or so unsuitable ones. So let’s take a look at the best poker starting tables.

What to include in the account?

Although you will definitely want to see these cards as your starting hand, don’t think of this table as simple. Evaluate the situation and try to understand whether hand play is worth it.

Also, position plays an important role and it is possible to play the first five hands under the gun from this chart, but you may want to wait for the hand in the second part of the chart to be in the middle / last position.

Even if you are not on this list, be sure to evaluate your situation and your opponents to determine if hand play is worth it. Also, try not to play only these hands on our Android poker sites.

A common nickname for beginners and handmade

One way to learn poker quickly is to play lingo correctly. Poker players like to name things related to the game, so handing out hand names is their favorite thing to do. So I made an overview of the starting lineup and made a hand and nickname that I use as a player.

This spreadsheet will help you follow the game more gently and gain an understanding of poker, which is often discussed in various poker forums. So, if you have spent some time researching this spreadsheet, you don’t need to google it every quarter.

Here is a table of the best hands and their popular nicknames. The nickname on the first list is usually the most used.

As you can see, some are clever, some define the appearance of numbers, and some are straightforward. One thing is clear – it’s fun to call your hand using these nicknames. I haven’t listed all the keyboards that can be started, but only the most popular ones.

Because of some insults, I decided not to list ALL the nicknames on the keyboard in this table. However, thanks to PC culture, their use is gradually disappearing.

Made by hand nickname
Some players love some crafts so much that they decided to name them. Here is a brief overview.

Poker location name and abbreviation
The position of the game greatly affects your poker strategies. By mastering the name of a position in poker, you will be able to understand how each position affects your play. Once you understand how positions work and how to recognize them, you will be able to improve your poker success.

So let’s take a look at the full ring of 10-hour poker and see how each position is named.

If you play six max (short keyboard) tables, MP2 is actually UTG and MP3 is HJ. Other locations are listed in other sections of the table – CO, BTN, SB, BB.

Start hand diagram

Popular keyboard diagrams are probably the most important thing to know from this article. This is a table that shows you which starting hand is recommended to play from certain positions.

Don’t take this table for granted. You need to treat it like a guide to what to do. However, in the end, it’s up to you to assess the situation at the table and decide whether to play your hand or not.

What do you call a table stake?

Different cash games and tournament poker events have different bets. Online and live players have a definite naming system for them, which can be confusing if you are new to poker. So I decided to make a simple table to help you learn how to name the Infinite Hold’em table stakes.

The minimum bet you can play is 2NL or $ 0.01 / $ 0.02. However, it is only available on certain sites. Most sites offer 4NL as a minimal stake game. Poker players often call everything below 50NL a “micro stake.”

If you want to play live poker, the lowest stake tournament is 100NL. However, most live games start at 200NL.

What players often consider a high-stakes game on the web is a game over 1000NL. In live poker games, high stakes games start at 5000NL +.

Poker Probability Graph

Finally, poker is about setting the numbers correctly and calculating the correct odds. If you want to calculate the property needed to make a profit or decide the value-for-money ratio, the following table may be useful.

The final thought

Learning to play poker is not difficult. However, learning how to win is a continuous learning process. This is a trial and error process.

More than twenty years ago, when the diagrams presented in this article were difficult to come by, it was much more difficult to master the game. Fortunately, its majestic internet is full of dozens of graphics that can make your poker game easier and more fun.

After all, the purpose of such charts is to help you learn how to avoid common mistakes and improve your game.

As you can see, some of the graphics in the article are actually about naming rather than playing poker. Because we live in an era of online poker where you have to understand the terms and phrases associated with the game in order to understand it.

We hope these charts help you improve your overall success. But before you start studying each of them, you need to consider one thing.

Many poker experts like to say that poker is like a frame. It is based on improvisation. That said, these graphs don’t represent the final instructions for what you need to do. These are the foundation for further learning to help you learn how to improvise while sitting down to play a game.