The 9 players who hate poker the most

We all love poker, and some of us have players we love less. There are also players that most of us directly hate. Unfortunately, they deserve it.

In this article, I plan to tell you about 9 poker players I hate in this industry. Even their names will shock you if you know what they did.
Of course, this is my personal list, so that doesn’t mean you agree with me. However, I am sure that after reading what they did, many will share my hostility.

1 Russ Hamilton

For poker fans, Russ Hamilton is the most hated person in the poker world. It makes a lot of sense that behind UltimateBet’s scam was the brains that caused many players to lose large sums of money.

In particular, he discovered that he was using a superuser account on the website (an account with more features than a regular account) to defraud players and extort money from them. The WSOP then disqualified him from the championship.

If we can choose, we don’t want to hate him. He was a great poker player, but he was found to be poor.

Ray Bitar

Ray Bitter is one of the most hated people in the poker world to compete with Russ Hamilton. He was the CEO of Full Tilt, and his poor management led to the company’s collapse.

He was almost completely unrecognized before the Black Friday fiasco, but after that he had to fully enjoy the bad publicity. They violated UIGEA and committed bank fraud and money laundering in order to transfer and transfer money to their customers. It is prohibited for use in any company, especially in the gambling and poker industries.

Today, Full Tilt is still struggling with this, and Ray Bitar is still the main culprit.

Phil Hellmut

Unlike the first two positions on this list, Phil Hellmouth did not commit any fraud. However, he is still on the list because of Phil Hellmouth. Many poker fans hate him for his behind-the-scenes behavior and unethical poker. He is arrogant, arrogant, and bad-tempered, so it is very difficult to deal with defeat. No one likes glitter players; instead, he needs to learn how to accept losses with dignity.

He is also the only poker player to have won the WSOP Europe Main Event and the WSOP Main Event. That’s another thing that puts him on a list that many players don’t want. He is known for his endless brutality with his opponents, as well as his tedious WSOP intrusions, both of which do not bode well for his image.

Chino Rheem

Chino Rheem has a lot of fans who love his game and appreciate his success. However, he remains one of the most hated men in the industry. He owed a lot of money to many people and apparently had no intention of repaying them. He began paying his debts only after he was publicly summoned and insulted.

However, he still owes a large amount of cash and it is doubtful whether he will be able to repay it soon. He’s not the only one with such a bad reputation in the poker world. His senior colleague TJ Klutierre is remembered as a player who owes almost everyone he knows.

Annie Duke

In terms of equality, it is fair to include women in this list. Annie Duke is one of the most hated female players in the industry. However, most of his haters don’t really know what causes these negative feelings.

Many say it’s not his behavior at the table that other players respect. He is not popular with his teammates because he seems to be one of those people who rubs everyone in the wrong way.

Another reason to hate him is because of UltimateBet. He had previously been associated with the company, and the company blames him for all the blame. If you’re not good enough to start displeasing him, ask Daniel Negreanu enough reasons.



Jamie Gold

Jamie Gold won the 2006 WSOP main event and won $ 12 million. It was one of the biggest wins in the history of poker. Logic tells us that he must be one of the most loved and hated players in the poker realm. However, the latter is true, and he is the one to blame. He should be thanked for his status for his negligence, arrogance, and over-acting.

Gold also had a deal with Crispin Leyser they were both with, the WSOP poker site Bodog shared his victory. However, after the match, Gould tried to avoid his promise, which led to an out-of-court settlement between the two. As a result, Bodog lost contact with Jamie Gold, who remains one of the most hated poker players.

Tony G.

We’ve been discussing for a long time whether to include Antanas “Tony G” Guoga on this list. In the end, we decided he should be on it. He is known for constantly making fun of his opponents, being distracted and trying to make mistakes. He started his career in Moscow and is known for his hostility to Russian players. Legend has it that he played against the KGB, which explains his nervousness today.

The reason he was hesitant to be on the list was because he was known as one of the most friendly people in the poker world, far from the table. Poker fans usually hate him, but he seems to like the poker community very much.

He is also a very talented player. He won numerous poker championships and earned millions.

Scotty Nguyen

Scotty Nguyen is another talented player. We are convinced that his bottomless personality is the only reason he is not in the Poker Hall of Fame today.

Scotty is known for drinking more than he should. To be honest, this is not something you have never heard of in the business world. However, when he shoots more than he should, he is completely out of control.

His rage peaked at the 2008 World Cup when he disrespected his opponent and the late Chip Reese. It was a televised competition, and millions of people could see his poor judgment.

Howard Lederer

Finally, one of the most regrettable people on this list is Howard Lederer. A few years ago, he was one of the favorites in the poker community. After the events of Black Friday, everything changed overnight. Today, he is one of the most hated people in poker and a persona non grata that no one wants to be.

While most professional poker players love the game and want to show off their skills to the best of their ability around the world, there are others with different motivations.

I think these nine players should be on the list of the most hated poker players in the world.

But what do you think? Do all these names apply here? Or should they be replaced by another player? I loved hearing your two cents, so leave a comment.