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Government Hundred Days and L.Oyun-Erdene’s goal

When appointed as the 32nd Prime Minister of Mongolia, L.Oyun-Erdene presented four goals. The time has come to evaluate his work in a hundred days. In short, it has been a hundred days since the executive power was transferred from U. Khurelsukh to L. Oyun-Erdene. His government will have 100 days next week. What did L.Oyun-Erdene’s government achieve and what […]

MPP: Supported the discussion of draft laws supporting e-government

The MPP faction in the State Great Hural (Parliament) held a regular meeting today (May 3, 2021) to discuss whether to hear and discuss information on the draft laws on public information, protection of personal information, and electronic signatures. The draft Law on Public Information will improve the legal environment for citizens’ right to information provided by the Constitution of […]

There will be an appeal hearing related to the DP seal

The Administrative Court of Appeal will hear a dispute over the DP seal today / May 4, 2021 / at 1:30 p.m. For example, Ts.Tuvaan’s lawsuit against the Supervision and Registration of Legal Entities of the General Authority of State Registration, respectively, and the decision of the judge of the Administrative Court of First Instance in Ulaanbaatar on February 2, […]

Will the split DP join the presidential election?

According to the Law on Presidential Elections of Mongolia, parties have nominated their candidates. Officially, the MPP nominated U. Khurelsukh, the party’s chairman and former prime minister, and the People’s Party nominated D. Enkhbat, while the Democratic Party (DP) nominated S. Erdene and N. Altankhuyag. The DP, which has two leaders, has announced its candidates for the presidency, but it […]

The “QR code” of 162 vehicles that violated the rules was revoked

A total of 162 vehicles were used for misuse of “QR code” permits issued to citizens, employees of 15 non-restricted business entities during public readiness, transferred vehicles with “QR code” licenses to others, and violated the time limit. QR code ”license has been revoked. Therefore, all government organizations, legal entities and citizens whose activities are not restricted should follow the […]

T.Dorjkhand: I was chosen because I believe that I can be a spiritual leader of Mongolians

The National Labor Party has finalized its presidential candidate. E .Enkhbat 2021 title will nominate its presidential candidate. T.Dorjkhan, the party’s chairman and member of the Parliament, said that the “Right PERSON ELECTORATE” coalition has set the basic requirement for candidates to be educated , hard-working and unblemished. In addition, he stated, “Our community of more than a spiritual leader, […]

What will be discussed in the Parliament next week?

The agenda of the spring session of the State Great Hural from May 3 to 7, 2021 is to be discussed by the party group, working group, standing committee, temporary committee and general meeting. ONE. Party group meeting in the Parliament: Monday, May 3: The group meeting of the Mongolian People’s Party in the State Great Hural will be held […]

S.Erdene led the DP extension for the presidency

The results of the Democratic Party’s internal election were announced at 10:30 p.m. S.Erdene led the Democratic Party in the party’s internal election to select a candidate for President of Mongolia with 1953.05 points. The party’s internal election was successfully held online between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm today, with a total of 142,992 members voting and 75,879 members voting. […]

The MPP will announce its presidential candidate today

The MPP’s e-conference has been announced for today, but the start date is unknown. The ruling party, which is celebrating its 100th anniversary, plans to nominate a candidate for the presidency at a conference today. According to the source, U.Khurelsukh, Chairman of the MPP, S.Batbold, D.Sarangerel, Ch.Khurelbaatar, MP, and G.Zandanshatar, Speaker of the Parliament, are running for the party. Some MPP members […]

DP: The winner of the local election has been introduced

ADDITIONAL: 11.30 AM At the extraordinary online meeting of the Democratic Party’s National Policy Committee, the winner of the local election to introduce the Democratic Party’s candidate for the Presidential election of Mongolia was introduced. DEMOCRATIC PARTY’S EXTRAORDINARY XII ELECTRONIC CONGRESS BEGINS The 12th Extraordinary e-Congress of the Care Party started at 9:00 am today. The Democratic Party, a staunch […]